The video: Improv Everywhere, the Manhattan-based theater group famous for its No Pants subway ride, pranked New Yorkers once again this week, with a midtown ice rink as the stage. In a snowy Bryant Park, a lone amateur skater was left stranded on the ice as the Zamboni ice-cleaning machine was brought out. Clumsily, the skater slipped and stumbled to the center of the rink — where a magical transformation took place, to the wild applause of onlookers. The tottering "worst skater ever" was actually Kenny Moir, a professional with the Ice Theater of New York.
The reaction:
The only thing better than watching "some uncoordinated dude eat ice at the skating rink," says Brenna Ehrlich at Mashable, is watching him "rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of his shame to soar across the ice like a glorious swan." Even better than watching the skater's "triumphant" transformation from novice to expert, says Katla McGlynn at the Huffington Post, are the cutaway shots of the awestruck crowd members. The prank clearly brought Improv Everywhere's "signature mix of confusion, chaos and delight to all involved." Watch a video of the stunt: