The story: It's easy to find revealing pictures of Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr on the internet, but the latest has generated a more serious debate. The Australian model posted an intimate picture of herself breastfeeding her newborn, Flynn, on her website this week, prompting some to complain she was sharing too much. But others say the picture — apparently taken by Kerr's husband, actor Orlando Bloom — could help break down some of the taboos surrounding breast-feeding in public. (Watch a report about the controversy)
The reaction: This "blissful photo" evokes those "magical early bonding days with a baby," says Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon. Kudos to Kerr for her ability to both "fill out a Victoria's Secret push-up and inspire other nursing mothers." Look, I understand that "breast-feeding is 'natural' and is supposed to be some 'beautiful moment,'" says Cara Harrington at Hollywood Dame, but "I am really a fan of throwing a blanket over things like that." Now, I wonder if "La Leche League" will put me on a "Wanted poster." Here, the picture that's causing all the fuss: