Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Results: Italian art experts have found mysterious letters and numbers inscribed in the Mona Lisa’s eyes, apparently placed there by Leonard da Vinci himself. We asked you what the code might turn out to say.

THE WINNER: Don’t forget to add eyebrows later
Tim Bower, South Bend, IN

SECOND PLACE: Michaelangelo is a no-talent hack
George Lloyd, Shrewsbury, MA
THIRD PLACE: 1-brown, 2-yellow, 3-black, 4-green
Ivy Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN
Painters Rule, Sculptors Drool
Amy Forsyth-Stephens, Blacksburg, VA

Michaelangelo who???
Richard Levine, Los Angeles

Buy more Dan Brown books!
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
1102 raey eht ni si egassem siht rehpiced lliw uoy emit tsrif eht ,tcerroc era snoitauclac ym fi
Joe Snyder, West Grove, PA

Property of Ramada Florence
George Lloyd, Shrewsbury, MA

Reprints available in the gift shop.
Dana Guinn, Albuquerque

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Diana Mahar, Briones, CA

Made you look!
Mark Samaan, Cincinnati, OH

I’m in drag
William McClanahan, El Dorado Hills, CA

Property of Goldman Sachs
Doug Hayes, Glen Mills, PA

My other painting is The Last Supper
Gary Hennion, New York City

I know something you don’t know. Neener, neener, neener.
Harrison Stephens, Claremont, CA

Arm span = height
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD

The secret to life is – (continued on next painting)
Joel Harvey, Lawrenceburg, TN

Take me back to Italy!
JoAnne Coakley, Las Cruces, NM

Made in China
Mark Uhlig, Oakland Township, MI

Buy Apple Stock
Doug Braun, Las Vegas

Greetings to great-great-great-great-great granddaughter Snooki!
Alan Parven, Commerce Twp, MI