The video: Some German moviegoers were recently the test subjects for an unusual experiment in advertising. (See clip below.) While an otherwise "wonderfully dull" commercial for BMW unfolded on the screen, a powerful flash projected the the company's logo at the audience — at which point, the commercial's motorsport-star protagonist advised the audience to close their eyes. When they did, the logo appeared to have been imprinted on the insides of their eyelids — much like the after-effect that occurs when you stare at the sun.
The reaction: The eyelid-branding stunt certainly distinguishes BMW's ad from other car commercials, says Matthew Humphries at But even though it succeeded in Germany, says Charlie Sorrel at Wired, "I can't imagine this working in the U.S." Knowing America's litigious culture, "somebody, somewhere, would decide to sue the theater for triggering an epileptic fit." Watch this video to see how the ad worked: