Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) thinks he knows how to reconcile the sharp partisan divide in Congress: music. Udall wants Americans to suggest, via Twitter, songs about "working" or "getting along" for a playlist to accompany lawmakers as they attempt to break the gridlock on Capitol Hill. "Sometimes you need to think creatively to bridge the divide in the Senate," Udall wrote on his website, "and nothing sends a message better than music." The senator's request has not fallen on deaf ears. Here's a selection of tunes suggested by political commentators, Tea Partiers, and others:

Come Together: Udall himself kicked off the playlist with this Beatles track, which illustrates his call for unity.

Everyday Struggle: "As a personal rule, I don't participate in Twitter-based playlist creation contests," says Chris Good at The Atlantic. "But if I did my pick would be 'Everyday Struggle' by the Notorious B.I.G."

Pay For What You Get: Maybe this Dave Matthews tune will get lawmakers through the lame-duck session, says The Associated Press. "In a possibly hopeful sign, no one appears to have suggested Cee-Lo Green's Grammy-nominated 'F**k You.'"

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves: The Colorado Tea Party has proposed this Cher tune as an option — although not exactly a suggestion made in the spirit of the request. Other songs suggested include "Mr. Taxman" by Cheap Trick, and "Money Money Money" by ABBA.

The Ohio State University's Buckeye Battle Cry: Rachel Maddow's official blog suggests a fight song, like OSU's famous marching band tune. "The Democrats would benefit from one right now," says Laura Conaway at the site.