The video: An Idaho-based white supremacist is getting the cold treatment from his neighbors after building a snowman shaped like a Ku Klux Klansman on his front lawn. (See video below.) Mark Eliseuson fashioned a pointed hood on his snowman's head and attached a noose to its stick arm, prompting "appalled" neighbors to complain to the police. Although the Idahoan has since destroyed the snowman, it's not the first time he's rubbed people the wrong way. Eliseuson has reportedly flown Aryan Nations flags from his home, and is said to have handed out bullet casings instead of candy at Halloween.
The reaction:
Eliseuson has the gall to say this isn't racist, says Elon James White at Who is he kidding? He even added a noose "just in case you weren't exactly sure what he was going for," or thought the snowman was wearing a "weird, mis-shaped pope hat." As a native Idahoan, says Cienna Madrid at The Stranger, I am ashamed that my state is "mostly known nationally for its potatoes, terrible congressmen, and now, giant racist snowmen." Idaho is getting a bad rep, but "it's really a wonderful state, I swear." Watch a news report on the unpopular snowman: