The video: Worried about maintaining your modesty while going through TSA checkpoints this holiday season? An enterprising Colorado man named Jeff Buske has a solution (like others before him)... or so he says. Buske, an engineer, has created Rocky Flats Gear, a line of supposedly "radiation shielding" underwear and underwear-inserts that he claims can keep the wearer's private parts private when he or she passes through the new TSA full body scanners. He also says the garments protect the wearer from harmful radiation and insists the products aren't about politics or making money but rather protecting and informing people. "The object is... to protect the public, educate people and ultimately see these X-ray machines put in the Dumpster," he says, in a CBS report, below.
The reaction: "This seems like more trouble than it's worth," says Chris Rovzar at New York. The inserts appear to be just patches "sewn onto $4.99 American Apparel briefs." Furthermore, the fig-leaf enhanced unmentionables "might prove useless if the TSA thinks you're hiding something and then forces you into the pat down," says Leonora Epstein at The Frisky. Not only are the useless, they're irresponsible and opportunistic, says Dexter X. South at Gather. Entrepreneurs like Buske are "taking advantage of the paranoia blown around by the political types. America, what a wonderful country!" Watch a CBS News report to learn more: