The Los Angeles Times editorial board has some advice for travelers considering gumming up airport security lines with "opt out" protests the day before Thanksgiving: "Shut up and be scanned." Instead of insisting on the "seriously embarrassing" new TSA pat-downs, just go through the new full-body scanners. And if the "overblown" privacy fears or "shrug-worthy" health concerns inspire you to make the busiest travel day "positively unbearable," the L.A. Times says, "perhaps you should stay on the ground." Here's an excerpt:

Would you rather pose for a nude photograph or be groped by a federal employee? To hear many fliers these days, those are the only two choices for air passengers as the Transportation Security Administration installs full-body scanners at airports and introduces a more invasive pat-down technique that some have likened to sexual molestation. We're not wild about the new methods either, but they're a necessary evil in the era of suicide bombers who board planes with chemical explosives in their underwear.

Objections to the enhanced procedures are many and varied. Some center on the scanners, which are increasingly replacing metal detectors at airport terminals, and for good reason...

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