After Michael Vick was convicted on charges of dogfighting in 2007 and served 19 months in prison, many football fans wondered whether the erstwhile Falcons quarterback could ever be forgiven. Now, fans are asking a different question: Is Vick — now a Philadelphia Eagle — football's best player? His "brilliant" display of skill against the Washington Redskins on Monday night, in which he accounted for six touchdowns, was his most impressive game yet in a season full of superlative performances. Just how good is Vick? (Watch Vick highlights from Monday's game)

He should be this year's MVP: "At this point," says John Gonzalez at The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Vick has to be the leader among MVP candidates." His touchdown pass to Jason Avant on Monday "showed how much better he is as a quarterback now...." If Vick continues to play at this high a level, he should win the award "easily."
"Vick for MVP: The drumbeat gets louder"

This goes beyond the MVP: What Michael Vick did for the Eagles should be against the rules, says Ashley Fox, also at The Philadelphia Inquirer. Vick "continued to build his case that not only is he the NFL's most valuable player," but that he is "deserving of a big contract extension." Former Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb signed for $78 million last week, so "what is Vick, who is three years younger, worth? Ninety million? A hundred million? More?"
"Vick just continues to build MVP case"

Let's wait this out a bit: Tom Brady, who played Sunday, is just as good an MVP candidate, says Dave Goldberg at The Washington Post. And if Vick "stumbles" next week, "maybe we'll throw Eli Manning into the mix." The constant speculation over who should win the award is "ridiculous." Let's "wait until the season is over before we make anyone the MVP."
"Michael Vick in MVP discussion but NFL votes on MVP after season for reason"