The video: Strange lights in the sky over El Paso, Texas, on Sunday — captured by an on-the-job cameraman for local NBC affiliate KTSM — have created a national stir. According to a KTSM news report, the incident was particularly notable because the configuration of the lights was "eerily" similar to that of three mysterious objects seen hovering over New York City last week (among the less conspiratorially minded, they were just balloons). In both cases, says the KTSM anchor, the lights "are seen solidifying into three dots forming a triangle." Local officials say the El Paso lights were actually just stunt airplanes flying nighttime drills — but is that explanation just a tad too pat?
The reaction: Either this was an "amazing coincidence," says the London Daily Mail, or "the little green men are coming down South." But Javier Ortega at GhostTheory thinks he may have found a more acceptable explanation: A team of skydivers doing "nighttime stunts with flares." Max Read at Gawker isn't buying it, though: "According to the authorities, it was an 'air show,'" Read says. "Yeah, sure, an air show... for aliens." Watch the strange lights over El Paso: