The video: Eagle-eyed Lady Gaga fans have discovered that their idol, then simply known as Stefani Germanotta, had a tiny role on HBO show The Sopranos in 2001. The 15-year-old Germanotta appears as a giggly schoolgirl who sits in the bleachers smoking while watching Tony Soprano's son, A.J., swim laps and vandalize school property with his friends. Clad in jeans, and with long, light brown hair, Gaga appears quite different from the flamboyant performer she is today.
The reaction: This video proves that even this "outrageous" icon was once "just an awkward 15-year-old," says Mark Marino at CNN. Gaga fanatics will be shocked for two reasons, says Christian Blauvelt in Entertainment Weekly. One, she's wearing pants and two, she doesn't have dyed hair. Gaga has since put a "fatwa on pants," while her natural hair color hasn't "seen the light of day since at least 2007." It's certainly "a change from seeing her in clothes comprised of raw sirloin," adds Gordon Smart in The Sun. Watch the clip: