The video: Earlier today, former CNN host Rick Sanchez gave his first interview since his dismissal last week. Speaking with George Stephanopoulos of "Good Morning America," Sanchez said he was "exhausted" and "impatient" when he called Stewart a "bigot" on a radio show last week and suggested that Jews control the news media. "I screwed up, I take full responsibility," Sanchez told Stephanopoulos before launching into a discussion of a media landscape that lacks minorities on primetime news shows.
The reaction: "This time, Rick Sanchez really sounded remorseful," says Howard Kurtz in The Washington Post. His tone was "much different" than in the statement he gave earlier in the week. I'm not sure it was so sincere, says Tom Jicha in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "It looked as if Sanchez has been getting a lot of coaching from spinmeisters on how to be humble and apologetic." Yes, and he "didn't appear to want to bear the full brunt of the blame," says Gina Serpe at E! Online. He seemed to be "blaming the whole of the cable and network news landscape for not having any Hispanic, Asian or African-American lead anchors on a prime-time newscast." Watch it for yourself: