Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Results: Bill Clinton lost 24 pounds when he gave up meat and dairy, so we asked you to name the diet blockbuster the Big Dog might write. You hailed the chief with:
THE WINNER: It Takes a Vegan
Carl J. Schack Jr., Cincinnati
SECOND PLACE: I Did Not Have Lunch with That Cheeseburger
Tom Sheppard, Flat Rock, NC
THIRD PLACE: If I Can Abstain, So Can You!
Tamsin and James Smith, San Francisco

I Feel Your Gain
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD
The I Will Not Have Snacks with That Woman Diet
Paul Lutvak, New York City
Stop Inhaling (Your Food)!
Mark Kornick, Somers, MT
Don’t Stop Thinking About Your Carb Flow
Sean Braswell, Chapel Hill, NC
Expect Less of Your President
Jolene C. Smith, Idaho Falls, ID
I Did Not Have Meat with that Potato
Geoff Barger, Cambridge, MD
I Did Not Have Milk with That Cookie
Jim Cushwa, West Chester, PA
I Did Not Write this Diet Book
Renee Gupta, Franklin Park, NJ
Downsizing, by Bill Clinton
Rich Linder, Laguna Beach, CA
It’s Easy When Your Wife Doesn’t Bake Cookies
Julie David, New York City
Don’t Put That in Your Mouth!
Martha Lee Scott, San Clemente, CA
The Benefits of Running Around
Ken M. Radz, East Windsor, NJ
Turn That Surplus into a Deficit!
Les Ackland, Coraopolis, PA
Losing the Middle Ground
James Robertson, Seattle
What’s Left
Mary Bower, Jacksonville, FL
Fight Blubba with Bubba!
Matt Costinett, Aurora, CO