The videos: Last month, air traffic controllers in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, noticed odd, flashing lights on their radar screens, prompting officials to close the local airport "for safety reasons." The incident — now "corroborated" by newly released footage purportedly showing the mysterious lights — marked the third time this year that a Chinese airport has been closed as a result to UFO activity. Are these secret military aircraft? Natural phenomena? Or might there be burgeoning ET curiosity about Planet Earth's newest economic superpower?
The reaction: Whatever your thoughts on UFOs, says Doug York at Gather, you have to admit that this one at least "looks real." And if it's an under-wraps military plane, "how secret is it if it has been spotted eight times?" Actually, astronomer Wang Sichao tells the Beijing Review, these sightings "cannot yet be explained by existing scientific knowledge or natural phenomena" — and they give us yet further reason to believe that there will be "contact between humans and extraterrestrial life" in the not-too-distant future. Watch two videos about the strange lights:

Baotou sighting in Sept.:


Hangzhou sighting in July: