Earlier this week, Lucasfilm announced plans to convert all six Star Wars films to 3D for a series of theatrical re-releases, beginning with Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 2012. The announcement has drawn fervent reactions from Star Wars' notoriously rabid fans. Will Luke Skywalker and friends be appreciably improved by the ability to leap into moviegoers' laps, figuratively speaking, or is this just a grandiose money-grubbing scheme?

Lucasfilm is just exploiting "Star Wars" groupies: "C'mon, does Lucas really need another $15 bucks a film from his all-too-eager fan base?" asks Mike Noyes at Inside Pulse. Given the fact that 2D films converted to 3D just can't compare with films (such as Avatar) originally shot in 3D, everyone would be better off if Lucas "[used] his energies to come up with something new."
"Stars Wars saga coming at you in 3D"

The films are ideal for conversion: Of course, it's a blatant moneymaking gimmick, says Christopher Hickey at Salon, but the films are a "perfect fit for 3D." As the fansite, starwars.com, points out, sequences like the "Tatooine Podrace" are rich with "potential [3D] awesomeness." 
"'Star Wars' films set for re-release in 3D" 

And, Lucas will make sure that potential is tapped: Sure, 2D-to-3D conversions have been notoriously bad (Clash of the Titans, anyone?), says Brian Clark at Movieline, but, "with Lucas supervising each transfer, that Death Star trench scene will probably look every bit as cool in 3-D as it should." His determination and ability to invest big bucks should "push the 3-D conversion technology forward quite a bit."
"Today in predictable things: George Lucas converting Star Wars saga to 3-D"