The video: While the Book of Exodus maintains that Moses parted the Red Sea to lead Israelites to safety (drowning their pursuers, the Egyptian army, when the waters receded), scientists have developed a computer simulation that offers an alternative, less miraculous explanation. Experts at the National Center for Atmospheric Research are hypothesizing that seven hours of 60 mph winds could have exposed miles of mud flats in the Red Sea, allowing the Chosen Ones to escape. Was an "act of God" really nothing but terrible weather?
The reaction:
If you're a believer in the Bible, says Dave at Aloha Howdy, "get ready to throw up on your shoes." Why do so-called "educated people" feel the need to debunk all of God's miracles? But, says Nate Jones at Time, claiming an act of God "could have been done by nature" hardly disproves His existence. All it means is we are "totally justified in hanging out by the Red Sea waiting for optimal wind conditions on the off chance that it parts and we can call ourselves the Chosen Ones." Watch a video demonstrating the new theory: