Golf superstar Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, officially divorced on Monday, marking an end to one of sports' most startling and epic sex scandals. Nine months after Woods' mysterious late-night car crash outside his Florida home triggered revelations that he'd cheated with dozens of women, the couple issued a terse statement wishing each other "the very best for the future." While Woods will be allowed to "share parenting" of their two children — 3-year-old daughter, Sam, and 19-month-old son, Charlie —  People reports that Nordegren could receive anywhere from $100 million to $500 million. Who came out the winner in this split? (Watch an AP report about the divorce)

That's easy. Elin Nordegren, the richest woman in Sweden: "Do some quick math" — Nordegren wins, Woods loses, says Amy Rolph at the San Francisco Chronicle. The "hefty" divorce settlement surely amounted to half of Tiger Woods' fortune, and he's playing so horribly — for the first time in his career, he hasn't won a tournament in a whole year — that his "future income looks a bit shaky." Woods may be "sleeping in a tent on the third fairway at Pebble Beach before long"; Elin Nordegren will be able to "buy Sweden."
"Woods and Nordegren officially divorced: Who won?"

Woods finally won the new beginning he needs: Tiger Woods "lost sponsors, his image, his wife," says Danni Santana at Bleacher Report, but, by giving Elin "just about everything she wanted," Woods has won back the only things he can't replace — "his golf game and his children." No more revelations, no more apologies, Woods can finally focus on whipping his game back into shape. Now that he has a "new beginning," Tiger will be "just fine," and "winning majors again really soon."
"Tiger Woods: Divorce is final, where does Tiger go from here?

Nobody wins here, least of all Woods: Tiger Woods may win tournaments again, says Mark Bradley in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but he'll never be the same. It must be hell to know you have thrown so much away — the seemingly storybook marriage, two beautiful children, the adoration of millions. Now, no longer "unbeatable," Woods is just another absentee dad and "failed husband."
"Tiger Woods: A fallen star, and officially a failure at marriage"