Tech guru and co-founder Kevin Rose announced on his blog this weekend that Apple's rumored iTV device could "change everything" in the world of television. According to Rose, iTV's "a la carte" content purchasing system will allow content creators to stream their shows directly to consumers, cutting cable TV providers out of the loop. Will iTV really "allow you to say goodbye to your monthly cable bill" forever? (See a sneak peek at iTV)

¡Viva la revolución! iTV is set to play "an important part" in the imminent "living room revolution," says Dave Parrack in WebTVWire. If Apple's new product and Google TV both catch on, "2011 could be an important year for online video making the move to the living room, whether the current owners of the space support the revolution or not."
"Kevin Rose: Apple iTV will change everything..."

Don't count the cable companies out yet: There's a "fatal flaw" in Kevin Rose's argument, says Philip Elmer-DeWitt in Fortune. If iTV truly kills the cable and satellite television industries, expect service providers to eliminate the option of affordable unlimited internet access. Without this, the entire iTV system would be crippled.
"Apple's iTV: Careful what you wish for"

Don't assume Rose knows what he's talking about: Kevin Rose may be a "prominent figure" in the tech world, "but his predictions aren't reliable," says Christian Zibreg in And without any confirmation from Apple, it's impossible to know "whether there’s substance to his or any other iTV rumor." That said, the move makes perfect sense for Apple, and recent upgrades to their "server farm" shows the company "is clearly up to something big."
"Kevin Rose: iTV will 'change everything' in September"