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Results: We asked you to come up with a country song about Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who quit his job by swearing, swiping two beers and sliding down the emergency chute. You took off with:

FIRST PRIZE: In the Event of a Water Landing, I Hope You All Drown
Bill Muse, Seattle
SECOND PLACE: My Flight Plan Don’t Include You
Jolene Smith, Idaho Falls, ID
THIRD PLACE: My Middle Finger’s Locked in The Upright Position
Karin Fiore, Huntington, NY
You Keep the Bull, I’ll Take the Chute
Daniela Fahey, Manahawkin, NJ
Take This Job and Shove It in the Overhead Compartment
Derek Sterling, Trumbull, CT
Tote Bags Keep Fallin’ on My Head
Jonas Wittke, Milwaukee
The Cabin Pressure Got to Me (So I Made an Unlikely Change)
Mark Temares, Garden City, NY
I’ll Be Workin’ on the Railroad
D. B. Faulkner, Los Angeles
Help Me Make It Though the Flight
Jeff Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
Ain’t No Exit Near Enough
Jeff Kraus, New York City
Seething On a Jet Plane
Michael Goldin, Cave Creek, AZ
Leapin’ Off a Jet Plane
Kyle and Cathy Silver, East Brunswick, NJ
One Way Ticket on a Round Trip Flight
Larry Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN
Frequent Crier
Heather Hanssen, St. Louis Park, MN 
Take This Bag and Stow It
Ed Molinski, Blairstown, NJ
These Chutes Were Made for Walking
Susie Becker, San Rafael, CA
Drinks, Chutes, and Leaves
Ty Gwennap, Arden, NC
I’ve Got Those Walk-Out, Slide-Down, So-Long Bad Jet Blues
Dorothy Auerbach, San Francisco
Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to Serve Peanuts
Mike Martin, Alpharetta, GA
See Ya Later, Steven Slater
Lynda Kerwin (Delta Airlines, 31 years!), Honolulu
The Skies Ain’t Friendly No More
Ellen Wexler, Vienna, VA
When the Tarmac Hits the Tush
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX
Schlitz Slidin’ Away
William McClanahan, El Dorado Hills, CA
Where Were You (When-the-Jet-Blue-Flight-Attendant-Quit-His-Job-by-Sliding-Down-the-Inflatable-Chute-with-a-Couple-of-Beers-He Swiped-from-the-Beverage-Cart?)
Adam Strong, Olathe, KS