With viewership sagging, "American Idol" has reportedly hired Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler as its newest judge. If the rumors are true, Tyler would be the first person chosen to replace a stream of outgoing judges, including Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, and possibly Kara DioGuardi. While "Idol"'s network, Fox, has yet to confirm the deal, Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton tells the New Jersey Star-Ledger that, "the ink is dry" on his bandmate's contract. Can Tyler's rock-star power help "Idol" climb out of its recent ratings funk? (Watch an AP report about the Tyler rumor)

No way, Tyler's too boring: "Steven Tyler is a terrible choice for a new judge on 'American Idol,'" says Dominic Patten in The Wrap. "He's too damn old" and "too damn dull." And Tyler's "scarf and giant lips" are no substitute for the insightful and entertaining commentary the flailing show needs to survive. As interviewers know, given the change, "the hyperactive singer can ramble in a way that makes Paula Abdul look positively poetic."
"Why Steven Tyler will be a terrible 'Idol' judge"

Don't knock the rock: Okay, so Tyler's old, says Lacey Rose in Forbes, and he doesn't "necessarily have the smarts" to make up for the loss of Simon Cowell. But Tyler's "rock-star irreverence" would be a welcome change on a panel that's sometimes too "polite (Ellen) and stiff (Kara)." The veteran rocker's genuine "music industry star power" could be "a critical component of re-energizing the once-dominant series."
"Why Steven Tyler will be great (and awful) as 'American Idol''s newest judge"

"Idol" doesn't need to be rescued: "American Idol" has "definitely lost some power over the last few years,"  says Joe Flint in the Los Angeles Times. And its ratings will surely "take a bigger than usual slide" without Simon Cowell. But it remains "the most-watched television show in the industry." It will continue to be "a cash cow," as long as Fox doesn't break the bank on an expensive but "unproven" judge who doesn't pay off.
"Steven Tyler to scream for 'American Idol'!..."