Faith is no ordinary dog. The labrador-chow mix was born missing one front leg, with the other so badly deformed that it had to be amputated when Faith was still a puppy. Veterinarians suggested putting her down but Faith's owner, Jude Stringfellow of Oklahoma City, instead taught the dog to walk on its hind legs. Since appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2006, Faith has toured veterans hospitals in the U.S. to inspire servicemen injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Faith is set to travel to the U.K. to greet wounded British soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan. "Faith seems to inspire these young men," Stringfellow tells Britain's Sun. "It's very emotional watching them respond to her. She shows what can be achieved against great odds." No wonder the U.S. Army has made Faith an honorary sergeant, says Marc Hertz at Tonic. "There are some things you have to see to believe, and Faith is one of those." Watch a video of Faith in action below: