ESPN presenter Erin Andrews — who was illegally videotaped naked through a hotel door's peephole last summer — appeared in Washington this week to throw her weight behind stronger anti-stalking legislation. The bill, verbosely titled "Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act," or STALKERS, aims to better protect victims against invasive new technology and has already passed the House of Representatives. "Stalking is about power and control," said Andrews. "It's a violation of the worst kind," and we need more robust laws that give us "every available tool." This legislation is "long overdue," says Irin Carmon in Jezebel, especially with an increasing number of services "like Facebook and Foursquare providing a platform and mechanism" for "creeps." Absolutely, says Tracy Clark-Flory in Salon, but, "to whoever insisted on making that acronym work: You're fired." Watch Andrews lobby for the legislation below: