Apple's iPhone 4 just can't catch a break. Despite record sales and worshipful initial reviews, recent media coverage has focused on the phone's so-called "death grip" — a reception problem triggered by touching its antenna. Consumer Reports fueled talk of a recall when it announced that it "can't recommend" the device due to the flaw. Now Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner is saying that the iPhone 4 "might be [Apple's] Vista," a self-deprecating reference to Microsoft's much-maligned Windows Vista operating system. Is the comparison justified? (Watch a "Top Gear" host's dig at the iPhone 4)

Zip it: This was a bad move on Turner's part, says Devin Coldewey in CrunchGear. Now someone will be obliged to point out that "Microsoft has never put out a single product that has so completely fascinated the consumer world as the iPhone." And likely "never will." Watch what you say, Microsoft. It may come back to haunt you.
"Microsoft exec: iPhone 4 may be Apple's Vista — perhaps, but show me Microsoft's iPhone"

Wait and see: Apple needs to "decisively" resolve this problem, says Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in ZDNet. Otherwise, "'Antennagate' could fester," and, yes, "turn the handset into Apple's own Vista nightmare." A lot depends on any concessions Apple might offer at its press conference this Friday.
"Apple about to hold press conference about iPhone 4"

This problem has been overblown: Turner evidently believes the issue may "damage Apple’s brand to the point where people start jumping ship," says MG Siegler in TechCrunch. Though some sort of exodus might seem inevitable, it "will not happen." Like many, Turner "has gotten too caught up in those headlines."
"Prediction: This statement is going to come back to bite Microsoft in the ass"