Season two of Fox's hit show "Glee" could be just as star-studded as the first (notable for much-hyped episodes devoted to Madonna and Lady Gaga). Following the news that John Stamos will guest-star, Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) is telling Entertainment Weekly that he's also "Glee"-bound in a special role as a Spanish rocker. Curiously, "Glee" producers have denied Bardem's claims, but bloggers have still seized on the opportunity to debate the burning question: Is the show's celebrity fixation ruining "Glee"?
Not again: "Far be it from me to complain about ... Bardem," says Katey Rich in Cinema Blend. But the show has already "struggled to establish a consistent voice and tone," and another celebrity appearance could exacerbate matters. "Glee"'s creators need to focus on defining exactly what they want the show to be.
"Javier Bardem bringing Spanish heavy metal to 'Glee' next season"

Bring it on: A Bardem appearance seems like "a no-brainer," says Joe Utichl in Cinematical. Not only would he bring some "movie star gravitas to the halls of McKinley High," but his involvement in the show could signal that a "move to the big screen might not be far off." But the most pressing question now is, "does Bardem have the pipes to pull off the songs?"
"Javier Bardem to guest on 'Glee'"

Fear not, fans: This cycle of guest-star announcements is getting "exhausting," says Gerrick D. Kennedy in the Los Angeles Times, but "Glee" fans "shouldn't fret": The show's creators have promised that season two "will focus on the original players with the guest stars supporting their back story." So, "as long as Bardem and that other heartthrob John Stamos sing and dance – this Gleek will be content."
"Oscar winner Javier Bardem to rock out on 'Glee'"