Alabama's Dale Peterson, who shot to internet stardom in May after making what at least one pundit described as the "greatest political ad ever," may have finished third in the GOP primary for state Agriculture Commissioner, but he's not done making commercials. In his newest spot, entitled "Get Away from That!," a gun-toting Peterson endorses one former rival in the run-off election, calls the other one a "dummy," and fires a warning shot to ward off a "thug" who's trying to steal a McMillan campaign sign. Given that some voters thought Peterson's "message was more extreme than funny," says the Tennessee Decature Daily in an editorial, "it will be interesting to see if Peterson chases off more than sign stealers." We'll likely have plenty of time to answer that question, says CQ Politics, given that Peterson is now a bonafide "YouTube star." Expect to see a lot more of him in the future. Watch Peterson's latest ad below: