Debrahlee Lorenzana, the former Citibank employee who claims to have been fired for being "too sexy," is apparently now facing dismissal by her current employer, JP Morgan Chase. The bank's problem with Lorenzana has nothing to do with her sultry looks though, reported CBS News: Chase allegedly told the comely bank clerk her public statements on Citigroup demean the banking industry, and said she should quit her media appearances if she wants to keep her job. The 33-year-old single mother has no intention of keeping her mouth shut, though. "I tried staying quiet and just get[ting] another job many times," she told CBS. "Now I'm going to speak up. Enough is enough." Citigroup says her claim is without merit, and Chase has yet to comment on the story. Now that Lorenzana has the public's attention, says Susan Antilla in Business Week, she should take on the finance industry's "dismal" record of hiring women and minorities rather than just addressing her own misfortunes. "You have a bully pulpit, Ms. Lorenzana. Unless this is all about launching a modeling career, why don't you use it?" Watch Lorenzana discuss her situation on CBS News: