A 33-year-old single mom has filed a gender discrimination suit against global financial giant Citibank, claiming she was dismissed because her naturally curvy body was "too distracting" to her male colleagues. Before being let go from a Citibank branch in New York City, Lorenzana was allegedly told to "refrain from wearing certain items of clothing"—including turtlenecks and pencil skirts—that might draw attention to her figure. For its part, Citibank maintains she was terminated for poor performance. Is Lorenzana's story credible? This is simply another "disturbing example of discrimination in a male-dominated workplace," says Anna N. in Jezebel. Ordinarily, "people who are good-looking get better jobs and promoted faster than people who are not," notes Jessica Pressler in New York. Maybe this is the exception that proves the rule? Watch an interview with Lorenzana: