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Results: With 1,782 books already published about Barack Obama, we asked you to predict the title of one that will address some facet of the man or his presidency that has not yet been addressed.

FIRST PRIZE: I Ate the Birth Certificate, by Bo Obama
Seth Wallace, Costa Mesa, CA
SECOND PLACE: Creating a Leader: Barack Obama’s Months in Utero
Mary Clare Peate, Washington, DC
THIRD PLACE: Barack Around the Clock: A Minute-by-Minute Account of the Obama Presidency
Mark Wykoff, Hardwick, VT
Barack Obama: Innie or Outie?
Mike Maser, Daytona Beach, FL
Obama: The Lego Years
Jim Nicholson, Federal Way, WA
Do We Have to Keep Talking About This Guy?
Colin X. Deurlington, Truckee, CA
Obamadontics: An Investigation of the First Smile
Joshua Richardson, Fort Bragg, CA
The A.V. Squad: First Step on the Road to the White House
Jane Lekus, Hadley, MA
Yes We Can Can-Can: Memoirs of Obama’s Dance Instructor
Stephanie Sarich, Minnetonka, MN
Noshing with Barack and Michelle: The Presidential Snack Book
Judith Klein, Frisco, TX
Eat Your Arugula: The Barack Obama Diet
Bryan McGrath, Wakefield, MA
Breakfast with Obama: Bacon or Ham?
Susan Goldberg, East Brunswick, NJ
Obama: The Secret Behind His Hatred of Potatoes
Gerald L. Jeffords, Milton, VT
Obama’s Verbal Gaffes: A Very Short Compendium
Jane Anne Wilder, Edmonds, WA
Obama’s Pajamas: The Gentleman’s Guide to Barack’s Nighttime Chic
Joseph Troy, La Plata, MD
Barack Obama Books for Dummies
Robert Popish, Waretown, NJ
Obama’s Wastebasket: Oval Office Custodian Tells All!
Raymond Smith, Lynn, MA
Everything You Always Wanted to Know that Hasn’t Been Covered in the Previous 1,782 Books, Unabridged
John P Butler II, Elk Grove, CA