PETA has found an arguably authoritative new spokesperson to promote animal birth control: "Octomom" Nadya Suleman, the mother of 14 who acquired both instant fame, and overwhelming financial problems, last year when she delivered eight infants conceived through in vitro fertilization. In exchange for cash and baby chow, Suleman, 34, has made good on a promise she made in March to put a sign in her yard urging animal lovers to spay and neuter their pets: "Don't let your dog or cat become an 'octomom,'" the sign reads. Clever, or disgraceful? (Watch Nadya Suleman's warning for pet owners)

Disgraceful, but PETA and Octomom deserve each other: This marks a new low for Nadya Suleman, says Wesley J. Smith in First Things, and for American culture as a whole. But it's fitting — Octomom and the "anti-humanist" publicity hounds at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were "made for each other."
"PETA and Octomom — Publicity hounds made for each other"

Suleman is just trying to be responsible: Don't be so tough on America's "favorite baby factory," says The Hollywood Gossip. Nadya Suleman is a single mom facing foreclosure on her California home. PETA's paying her $5,000 — and giving her a month's supply of veggie burgers and hot dogs for the kids — so this deal will let her catch up on her payments. And mocking herself for a good cause is better than the other offer Octomom had on the table, a starring role in a porn video.
"Octomom shills for PETA, pays mortgage"

Nobody gains from a stunt like this: PETA says its arrangement with Nadya Suleman is a "win-win," says David Cassuto in Opposing Views, but the comparison is insulting to both Suleman and dogs. The really scary thing is that this publicity stunt suggests that maybe humans who "reproduce irresponsibly" should be forcibly sterilized, too. Disgusting.
"Is PETA-Octomom arrangement really "win-win?"