In the wake of gossip-blog allegations that Kate Hudson had succumbed to breast implants, some are questioning the conventional wisdom that actresses must surgically "perfect" themselves to get work. Laura M. Holson reports in The New York Times that casting directors have soured on cosmetic surgery and now want women with a "natural" look. Are Hollywood actresses now hurting their careers when they go under the knife? (Watch a Fox Business discussion about Hollywood and plastic surgery.)

Let's hope so: "If Hollywood is truly trending natural," instead of "rewarding plastic surgery victims like 23-year-old Frankenwoman Heidi Montag," says Margot Magowan in the San Francisco Chronicle, women have something to be grateful for. That said, I suspect most roles will still go to the women with the best "natural" breasts.
"Best breasts get best roles in Hollywood"

No. Actresses will just need more subtle surgery: The so-called popularity of the natural look won't end "Hollywood's plastic surgery obsession," says Hortense at Jezebel. "It will just lead to less noticeable surgery." So while men can "age gracefully," actresses will have to "remain 'real' in an industry that does all it can to present them as anything but."
"'Why did she do that to herself?': Hollywood's plastic surgery backlash"

Leave Kate Hudson—and all women—alone: The backlash against Kate Hudson only reinforces why so many women are insecure about their bodies, says Alicia Sparks in Is the relative "uniqueness" of her bust something we must thrash out collectively? If Kate felt the need to upgrade her A-cup—to get roles, or to boost her self-confidence—"really, what's it to me?"
"My problem with Kate Hudson's new chest is MY problem"