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Results: We asked you to come up with the one non-political question that would tell us everything we need to know about a potential Supreme Court Justice. You respectfully queried:
FIRST PRIZE: How long do you plan to live?
Tom Wells, Woodstock, IL
SECOND PLACE: What’s on your iPod?
Michael J. Clark, Donora, PA
THIRD PLACE: Finish this joke: A pregnant teen, an immigrant, a gun dealer, a demonstrator and a businessman walk into a bar…
Laura Klewer, Boulder, CO
How did you hear about the job?
John Marrone, Phoenixville, PA
Will you be wearing anything under the robe?
Bruce Wolf, Branchburg, NJ
Can you explain “Lost?”
Carol Custer, San Clemente, CA
What do you want to be in sixty years?
Gerry Devaney, St. Paul, MN
If you had a hammer, what would you do?
Anne Houk, Naples, TX
Are you fair and balanced?
Gary Cullen, North Canton, OH
Do you do your own yard work?
Estelle Rousso, Palm Harbor, FL
Mac or PC?
Kim Jameyson, Akron, OH
Paper or plastic?
Maryanne Byrnes, Gibsonia, PA
Leno or Conan?
Tim Hosman, Cambria, CA
Have you ever been intimate with Tiger Woods?
Roger Linville, St. Johns, FL
Forbes or Facebook?
Simone Butler, San Diego
Angelina or Jen?
Sarah Thimsen, Lincoln, NE
Betty, Veronica or Jughead?
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
Money is no object. Would you buy a football team, a windmill farm or Bank of America?
Laurie Caplan, Astoria, OR
If a train left Washington bound for Detroit at 35 miles an hour at the same time a plane left Philadelphia for Tampa…
John Besnard, Irvine, CA
Have you ever been to an Arlo Guthrie concert?
Mary Jeanne Reynales, Corvallis, OR
Do you watch “Jersey Shore”?
Nick Ruggiero, New York City
Have you ever had a free lunch?
Carla Lokers, Holland, MI
Do you eat sushi with chopsticks or a fork?
Ed Hayes, Yuma, AZ
Do you read “The Week”?
Joan A. Hunt, Greensboro, NC