Toyota is in hot water again. The Japanese automaker, fresh off massive recalls over sticking gas pedals, has temporarily halted sales of its 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV after Consumer Reports warned that the vehicles have a handling problem that could cause them to roll over on sharp turns. The magazine issued a rare "Don't Buy" warning for the luxury SUV, and Toyota — which owns Lexus — said it would do its own tests to see if the vehicles need to be fixed. Toyota probably thought its PR nightmare couldn't get any worse, says Christopher Jensen in The New York Times, but the "Don't Buy" warning could be devastating. Don't exaggerate, says Larry Harrold in SUVs in general are notorious for rollover problems, and Toyota might be able to set everything right with quick tweaks to the GX 460's electronic stability control system. Here's an AP report on Toyota's latest woes: