The determinedly unrecognizable Heidi Montag made headlines last November when she confessed (and confessed) to undergoing 10 plastic surgeries at once. Now The Hills costar, 23, has admitted to Ryan Seacrest that she's not even sure what one procedure — which she calls "back scooping" — entailed. Dr. Alan Matarasso, a spokesman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, seems equally perplexed. "It may be [Montag's] interpretation of a procedure we call liposuction of the back or the bra strap area," Matarasso told The Washington Post, going on to cast doubt on her story: "You need [to sign] separate consents for each procedure." Did doctors fail to educate Montag about "back scooping," or is the Hills star playing dumb? Listen to this audio clip: