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Results: Last week’s contest: We asked you to come up with a chapter title from a history book approved by the Texas Board of Education. You galloped in with:
FIRST PRIZE: Abraham Lincoln:  Native Kentuckian or Kenyan?
Sean Braswell, Washington, DC
SECOND PLACE: The War on Indian Aggression
Bethany Wheeling, Finksburg, MD
THIRD PLACE: Mission Acccomplished: The Alamo
Arron Budnitz, Lexington, MA
The Texas Contribution to the Revolutionary War
Joseph Doyle, Foxboro, MA
1835-1850: Americans Liberate Texas Territory from Mexican Illegal Immigrants
Tom Burnside, Cincinnati

Union Joins Texas
Barbara Hoffman, Philadelphia

Harriet Tubman, Employee of the Week
Melissa Steward, Bend, OR
1865: The Confederacy Agrees to Call it a Draw
Charlie Buttrey, East Thetford, VT
Fillmore's Folly: California Admitted to Union
Bill Muse, Seattle
Pearl Harbor: God’s Punishment on a New Deal President
David M. Levin, Suitland, MD

Decade of Dictators: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and FDR
Philip Rife, Eastsound, WA
Joe McCarthy: The Humble Senator Who Saved Us from Communist Takeover
Louise Zamparutti, Milwaukee
The Not So Great Society
Jennifer Strickland, Atlanta
Democrats Gone Wild: The Women’s and Civil Rights Movements
Lore Orendorf, Hockessin, DE
Victory in Vietman
Fred Flaxman, Weaverville, NC
Ronald Reagan and All Those Other Presidents
Bryan McGrath, Wakefield, MA
Gores Tries To Steal the Presidential Election
James Smith, Mill Valley, CA
George Bush: Misunderestimated
Janet Badolato, Springfield, PA
How Gay Marriage Caused September 11th
Kristy Rimwood, Owings Mills, MD
Cheney’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Save America
Marcy Davidson, Sonora, CA
Benedict Arnold, The Rosenbergs and Obama
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD
American Heroes Who Write Speech Notes on Their Hands
Phyliss [cq] Shanken, Colmar, PA