Sarah Palin been called a "modern renaissance (wo)man — a mayor one day, a memoirist the next," and now the former Alaska governor has reportedly signed a $1 million-per-episode deal with the Discovery Channel to present a reality-style homage to her home state. Is the show, produced by Survivor's Mark Burnett, likely to succeed? (Watch a report about Sarah Palin's rumored Discovery show)

She's not bidding for Heidi Montag status: Fans expecting a "Kardashians-style" show with "drama-triggering" cameos by Levi Johnston will be disappointed, says James Poniewozik at Time. Though Palin's abrupt rise to national fame has echoed American Idol, this sober "travelogue-style tour" of Alaska sounds rather unjuicy. Nevertheless, her fan base should ensure it's a hit.
"Politician vs. Wild: Palin reportedly to become reality TV star"

The Discovery Channel is out of its mind: The "broadcast networks all passed," says Joe Flint at the LA Times, and "only one other cable channel" was bidding, and yet Palin has somehow tied down a "$1 million an episode" deal? Discovery must be "insane." I'll be surprised if "this thing gets on the air," let alone "lasts a whole season."
"Sarah Palin makes Discovery!"

It'll be huge, but for the wrong reasons: Palin's show will be a "train wreck", says Hailey Eber at Black Book. But viewers will "flock to it," either because they're "tea-partying fans" or just Palin haters "indulging in some TV schadenfreude."
"Sarah Palin finds a home - maybe with Oprah?"