In a final twist to the Erin Andrews peephole video scandal, the man who secretly shot the infamous nude footage of the ESPN reporter in her hotel room has been sentenced to 30 months in prison. Andrews said she was angry that sentencing guidelines kept the stalker — Illinois insurance executive Michael David Barrett — from getting a harsher punishment. "This will never be over for me," she told Barrett in court. "And I don't want it to ever be over for you." Did Barrett deserve more prison time? (Watch Erin Andrews express disappointment in the sentencing)

The stalker deserves to rot in jail: Two and a half years isn't enough for Barrett's crimes, says John Greiner-Ferris in He left Andrews scarred for life — she has to live with the knowledge that the naked videos Barrett shot without her knowledge or consent will be floating around the Internet forever. What's worse, the FBI says Barrett shot similar tapes of 16 other women.
"ESPN's Erin Andrew's stalker gets the max: 2 1/2 years for shooting voyeur nude movies"

Barrett will suffer plenty: Michael Barrett is "tremendously remorseful and broken by what he's done," says Barrett's attorney, David Willingham, as quoted by the Associated Press. After he leaves prison, he'll also serve three years of probation. And he paid dearly in other ways, losing his fiancee, his career, and every penny he had.
"ESPN reporter's stalker gets 30 months in prison"

Many people who hurt Erin Andrews won't be punished at all: Michael David Barrett isn't the only one who should pay for this crime, says Zennie Abraham in the San Francisco Chronicle. "Thousands of people" endorsed this sicko by searching for the nude video he posted on the Internet. They all got away with it, but they're still guilty.
"Erin Andrews peephole video searched for all over again"