The zealously right-leaning website may be spreading computer viruses—or so congressional staff have been warned in an e-mail reportedly issued by the Senate sergeant-at-arms. While editor Matt Drudge insists his site is clean, some staffers are reporting computer glitches after visiting it. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), however, smells a conspiracy. "The liberals, the extremists, they don't want the information that [Matt Drudge] has," said Inhofe, "because he's a man of truth." Is the source of the "problem" digital or political?

You'll catch a bug on Drudge: The mystery here is why the Drudge Report is plagued by malware, says Elinor Mills in CNET. This is the "second time in six months" that users have reported virus issues. While it's possible" the virus is being spread "via an ad," not the site itself, that doesn't mean is completely safe.
"Drudge Report accused of serving malware, again"

The only virus in Washington is liberalism: Drudge shows liberals in a "less than flattering light." says Ethel C. Fenig in American Thinker, reinforcing Dem fears that "the liberal gatekeepers no longer control or shape the news we receive." Maybe that's why they're fabricating "nasty computer viruses" to keep people away.
"Drudge and news diversity"

Whether the virus is real or not, Dems should fear Drudge: According to traffic reports, says Sean Hannity in Fox News, "Each senator's office hits the Drudge Report 187.5 times per day, each congressional office visits the site 70 times per day" and—"best of all," White House staffers check the site a "whopping" 1,353 times a day. This anti-left blogger may be "the most powerful guy in Washington, D.C."
"Big government expands to ecosystem"