If Disney's outrageous merchandising plans for Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland succeed, it could shatter accepted notions about appropriate movie "tie-in" products. Disney invested $1 billion to create partnerships with luxury designers for Wonderland-inspired goods in a move some observers say conclusively exposes Disney's shamelessness. The movie, says Misty Harris in The Calgary Herald, is "being positioned as the grown-up's answer" to Disney's Princesses. Here are some of the pricier products from the Alice "Lifestyle Program":

1. Alice shoes by Versace, $1195
Designer Donatella Versace, known for her whimsical, sometimes psychedelic styles, has contributed an accessory line that features these "Wonderland" platform shoes.

2. Alice evening gowns by Sue Wong, $328-$630
Designer Sue Wong created a line of elaborate dresses, including  the "White Rabbit-Inspired" Colorblock dress ($328), the "Flower Wonderland Inspired" gown ($588), and the Victorian Long Lace Gown ($630).

3. Alice handbag by Furla, $475
Even Furla, the Italian leathermaker more typically known for its classic designs, wasn't immune to Disney's appeal. Furla has released a handbag embossed with images from the fairytale and topped with a metal rabbit handclasp ($475), as well as a "Dali-esque" umbrella (price unavailable).

4. Alice charm bracelet by Stella McCartney, $395
Stella McCartney, the British designer better known for cutting-edge haute couture, dabbled in Disney-themed merchandise with an Alice charm bracelet ($395) and necklace ($425).
5. Alice "Couture" costume jewelry by Tom Binns, $175
British jeweler Tom Binns created both a highbrow Alice collection, with pieces topping out at around $1000, and a more "affordable" line of "Disney Couture" costume pieces for saner consumers, including a string-of-plastic-hearts Red Queen necklace ($175).
6. Alice crystal-encrusted "Tea Party White Donut" by Swarovski, $115
Swarovski, the world's most famous crystal maker, has rolled out four Alice-themed pendants, including the "Tea Party Tea Pot" ($150) and the distinctly un-Carrollesque "Tea Party White Donut" ($115).