Woman sues hospital for giving her wrong baby to breast-feed

An Illinois woman is suing a hospital for giving her the wrong baby to breast-feed. Jennifer Spiegel, 33, says a nurse handed her a child at 4 a.m. and told her, “Your baby wants you.” While she was breast-feeding, another nurse  said, “The baby you’re feeding isn’t yours.” Spiegel says this mistake gave her “an awful, internal feeling,” which is why she’s seeking $30,000.

TSA forces disabled 4-year-old to remove his leg braces

The Transportation Security Administration has apologized to a 4-year-old disabled boy who was ordered to remove his leg braces to pass through a Philadelphia airport metal detector. Bob Thomas explained that his son, Ryan, could barely walk without the braces, and pointed out that the child was an unlikely terrorist. “You know why we’re doing this,” a TSA screener responded.