Just in time for Lent, a French fashion magazine is honoring the holiest 40 days in the Christian calendar with a cover photo of Lindsay Lohan posing as Jesus Christ. Purple magazine shows the starlet in a white dress and thorny crown, with arms outstretched in a Christ-like pose. Known for her sexual shenanigans and drug problems, Lohan isn't exactly a model of piety. Are devout Christians right to feel offended?

This is a disgrace: "Talk about bad taste," says Rachelle at Right Celebrity. The cover is "a terrible idea" and Lohan being photographed like this is "so beyond inappropriate." While her "acting career is in the toilet," Lohan may have found a way to "stay in the spotlight," but it doesn't say much for her Christian values.
"Lindsay Lohan's Purple magazine crucifixion (photos)"

She IS a devout Christian: Lohan clearly holds Christ close to her heart, as evidenced by the oft-seen "large cross around her neck," says David Gibson at Politics Daily. This photo could represent "a return to her roots since she was raised Roman Catholic." But, admittedly, this is a "generous reading."
"Lindsay Lohan makes Christians cross"

She only hurts herself:
This is just a "naked (almost) grab for publicity" that "trades on images that are dear to Christians," says James Martin in America Magazine. "Really, does Lindsay Lohan want to be compared to Jesus?" A close look at the two side-by-side reveals a "life lesson for Lindsay: Be careful who you imitate, lest you suffer by comparison."
"Lindsay Lohan and Jesus"