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Results: We asked you to come up with the next, breakthrough device from Apple and, when iProdded, you responded:

iKea: A laptop you can assemble yourself, using only an allen key.
Dyann Crittenden, Livermore, CA
SECOND PLACE: iO: calculates monthly bill for iPod, iPhone, iPad…
Joe Chambley, Bellevue, WA
THIRD PLACE: iQuit: Ultra-thin pouch contains a slide rule, library card, book of stamps, pencil and sundial.
Rick Morrow, Venice, FL
iBuy: An electronic device from Apple used to purchase more electronic devices from Apple.
Rich Basofin, Skokie, IL
iGevalt: Translates everything into Yiddish.
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX
iThermonuclear Bomb: Combines the power to blow up the universe with camera, phone, music downloads and thousands of apps.
Jules Chabot, Frederick, MD
iYoung: Looks like an iPod. Doesn’t do anything, but makes old people look cool.
iYoung Plus: Looks like an iYoung, but includes hearing aid and button to press if you fall.
Linda Talma, La Conner, WA
iSwimmer: For those underwater messaging moments.
Susie Becker, San Rafael, CA
iPed: Alerts pedestrians using electronic devices to stop for oncoming traffic.
Teri Kreyche, Tustin, CA
iPad2: Automatic expense account generator.
Charles Goldfarb, Saratoga, CA
iPencil: Simply drag the stylus to produce a pixel-like trail of graphite on ordinary paper!
Geff Crawford, Pine Grove, CA
iSore: Phone with a screen the size of a postage stamp.
John Warzala, Cold Brook, NY
iSee: Magnifies the small text on the iPhone.
Mervin Nielsen, Sun City, AZ
iEye: Device that monitors the road while you are texting in your car.
Tami Russell, Marengo, OH (First of several similar)
iDrops: Dispenses medication to soothe eyes after staring at a screen for 18 hours straight.
Barbara Hoffman, Philadelphia
iGlasses: See the world in real time from the end of your nose.
Kurt Marquardt, Racine, WI
iToldYouSo: Device that chastises you whenever you do something stupid.
Manny Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN
iYiYi: Allows users to act like Ricky Ricardo when their wives do something zany.
Daniel Welch, Lombard, IL
iChushkopek: Roasts peppers and surfs the web at the same time.
Joe Valetti, San Leandro, CA
iMe: Plugs directly into your brain so it can constantly update the internet with everything you do or think without having to bother with Facebook or Twitter.
Donna Zoughi, Tucker, GA
iGiveUp: Device that has run out of new things to do.
Laura Kudron, Hernando, FL
iAgra: For…you know.
Frank Barron, Rome, GA
iThing: Even WE don’t know what it’s for.
Mark Cassman, El Granada, CA
iRate: Service that ranks each new technological device on how much of the user’s time and patience will be destroyed while using it.
Shiloh Martin, Fairfield, CA
iGotcha: Takes your money and does not do a thing.
Brian Fischer, Greeley, CO
iCee: For making frozen beverages on the go.
iDol: For worshipping on the go.
iRod: Used to catch iCod.
iHad: for keeping track of everything you lost in the financial crisis.
iAdd: For those who can’t…oh wait. That’s a calculator.
Konrad Schwoerke, Chapel Hill, NC