Although he claims to have no political bias, Jon Stewart's anti-Bush gags attracted a loyal, liberal fanbase for "The Daily Show." Lately, however, Stewart has increasingly focused his mockery on Obama — pillorying the President's teleprompter dependency, for instance — and the Republicans are taking notice. "Jon has always been a crypto-neocon," says Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard. "Could he be coming out of the closet?" (Watch Jon Stewart criticize Obama's teleprompter use in a recent clip)

Stewart is veering right — like so many Dems:
When even Obama's most famous "cheerleader" is mocking the President, says Fubar at Capitol Hill Blue, you know the Dems are in trouble. "Disaffected...liberals" like Stewart are joining Obama's "chorus of critics" every day, and their protests are getting louder. "The Temple of Obama is crumbling."
"Even Jon Stewart is fed up with Barack Obama"

This is about comedy, not politics:
"Oh lordy," sighs Glynnis MacNicol at Mediaite. No doubt Republicans are eager for Stewart to "see the light," but his comic jabs are clearly orchestrated with a "non-partisan" agenda. In "Stewart's world, everyone is a target" — though Obama is clearly providing "a bigger target" than usual of late.
"Jon Stewart: Secret Neocon?"

If only the "real" media would treat Obama less reverently:
Stewart is just playing the role that "independent journalists" used to perform, says Jennifer Rubin at Commentary. Namely: "Holding the White House accountable, skewering the president for errors, and refusing to take seriously the spin coming from administration flacks." Now that Stewart's overcome his own reverence, perhaps the rest of the media will follow suit.
"Like LBJ losing Cronkite?"


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