‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman — who just a year ago was sporting a phenomonally pregnant belly — appears on the cover of this week’s Star magazine in a red two-piece swimsuit, looking impressively svelte. While Suleman claims she lost 150 lbs of baby weight naturally after bearing eight children last January, others are alleging that plastic surgeons may have played a role:

Octomom’s transformation can’t be natural: “We all like to believe in magic,” says Cole Gamble at Strollerderby, but not even magic can erase stretch marks that resembled “an aerial view of the Los Angeles freeway system.” These days, there’s more shame in denying obvious plastic surgery than admitting it. “Science is an amazing thing, let’s just leave it at that, okay?”
"Octomom's new career as a bikini model"

Octomom worked hard for that body: Don’t underestimate the power of a rigorous gym routine and a clean diet, says Martha Edwards at That’s Fit! Losing baby weight is hard work, but Suleman’s weight loss could be natural. After all, “chasing 14 young kids around will inevitably burn a few calories.”
"Octomom shows off bikini bod after losing 100 pounds"

The question isn't 'how,' it's 'why': "Whether you despise Nadya Suleman or not, the woman is looking darn good in a bikini," says celebrity blog Fit Celeb. Even if her physical reformation "was due to good ol' diet and exercise," the real question is did she lose the weight for "her health," or just "to get the media's attention?"
"Octomom is bikini ready!"