“We’re Glad We Chose Life” runs the “unsubtle” headline on the photo of Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol (along with their respective infants) that graces the new cover of In Touch, a weekly tabloid that more typically documents the relationship vagaries of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Gosselin. The mother-daughter exclusive, which reportedly earned the duo $100,000, has commentators asking: Is Sarah Palin further squandering her political cred to cash in on fame — or is this latest move a savvy play to broaden her base? 

Palin’s turning celebrity — and why not? Palin earned almost as much in the eight hours it took her to pose for ‘In Touch’ as she did governing Alaska for a year, says Philip Bump of Mediaite. “With payouts like this,” it’s hard to imagine why she'd ever return to the difficult, unremunerative job of public service.
"Palin Grosses Six Figures for In Touch Cover"

Palin’s increasing celebrity is hypocritical: Doesn’t anyone remember how Palin criticized Michelle Obama for exposing her family to the media spotlight, asks Cassandra Gaddo in Chicagonow. By turning herself and Bristol into tabloid fodder, Palin proves once again that she’s “hypocrisy in heels.” Let’s hope she realizes that you can't complain about media scrutiny while exploiting media opportunities.
“Sarah and Bristol Palin Choose Their Choice on In Touch Weekly Cover”

This could easily be a strategic political gambit:
It’s entirely possible, says Dodal in Jezebel, that Palin is using ‘In Touch’ to broaden her appeal for a 2012 presidential run. By convincing everyday women that “she’s just like them — a working mom with issues, trying to make the best of it” — she could earn serious clout in Beltway America.
“Sarah & Bristol Palin Push Pro-Life Message in New In Touch”

What a ridiculous pro-life statement: It's certainly easier to choose life, says Mary Elizabeth Williams in Salon, when you have a tabloid paying you six figures to note glowingly how you're "buying [your] own diapers and formula." Perhaps it's "pure coincidence," but Richard Spence, the editor of In Touch, did quit last week "in a midday walkout so abrupt he didn't even send a memo."
"Bristol and Sarah 'choose' life"



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