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Results: After Bulgarians voted the "chushkopek" — an appliance for roasting up to seven peppers at once — as the most revolutionary household advance of the 20th century, we asked you for the NEXT household breakthrough. You cooked up:

FIRST PRIZE: Smoke Detector with a Snooze Button
Ken Hussar, Lancaster, PA

SECOND PRIZE: The Facebook Fork: Now you can update your status at every meal! 
Lisa Arenas, Oconomowok, WI

THIRD PRIZE: The off button.
Daniel Burstein, Jacksonville, FL

The Chushkopek Max, with Automatic Timer: Roasts up to 14 at a time.  
Laura Kudron, Hernando, FL
The Chushkopek Plus: Has a bottle opener built into its side!
Kent Francis, Oberlin, PA
The Chushkopek Cozy
Mark Remy, Allentown, PA (And thanks to many others with Chushkopek suggestions!)
SG RoboCare: A Sandwich Generation robot that teaches the children how to cook and play baseball, tends to a demented parent and teaches its owner how to use an iPhone.
Bonnie Schlueter, Lower Burrell, PA
The George Foreman Still
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD
The Tissue Alarm: Emits a piercing warning siren when pockets are not emptied of tissues prior to going into the washer or dryer.
Judith Klein, Frisco, TX
The Ten-Second Toaster
Terry Davis, Troutdale, OR
The Magnanal: Magnetically returns all household devices to their place after usage.
Barry Cutler, Palm Desert, CA
Cordless Taser: Your kids WILL finish their dinner.
Kristy Rimwood, Owings Mills, MD
The Macrowave Oven: Got a crowd coming over? Prepare a side of beef in no time!
Valerie Klein, Frisco, TX
Non-Electric Food Dehydrator Tray: Place food on tray for a few months and moisture miraculously disappears!
Luke Cunningham, Charleston, SC
Revolutionary Can Compactor: Place one side of the device on each hip. Press button.
Cathy Curtis, Finksburg, MD