The Hills star Heidi Montag offers an oddly frank confession in this week's People magazine: The 23-year-old reality star says she is “addicted” to plastic surgery—enduring 10 operations in one day as part of what she calls her quest to become “the best me.” The revelation coincides with the launch of Montag's new album, Superficial (a self-produced effort which she compares favorably to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," even if it left her "broke".) Is Montag's troubling confession just a bid for publicity?

Montag wants to extend her 15 minutes of fame:
Is anyone surprised? asks Stuart Heritage at Hecklerspray. This shameless reality TV star would "proclaim an addiction to heroin” if it could keep her in the public eye. I wouldn't be shocked if she tried to turn her plastic surgery addiction itself into a reality show—and let viewers vote to determine her next operation.
“Heidi Montag Changes Appearance, Sadly Keeps Personality & Husband”

Don't be so glib—Montag is clearly unstable: Even if you’re not a Montag fan, says Bellasugar, it’s "hard not to feel concerned for her these days." Montag’s “nonchalant” attitude toward plastic surgery is worrisome, but her obvious self-esteem issues are even more disturbing. “If a friend of mine were this unhappy” with her appearance, “I’d be encouraging her to start therapy.”
“Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Pictures”

Take Montag's claims with a grain of salt: The public shouldn't take such confessions at face value, says Celebrity Health & Fitness. No plastic surgeon “in his or her right mind” would allow 10 procedures simultaneously. Montag, who has a notorious “penchant for making mountains out of molehills,” still looks far too natural to be “a convincing poster girl” for plastic surgery addiction.
“Heidi Montag: A Poster Girl for Plastic Surgery?”


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