In the wake of a Consumer Reports survey that ranks AT&T dead last among cellular providers, there is speculation that the iPhone may be responsible for the network's subpar performance. According to a recent NY Times story, poor engineering in Apple's popular handheld device — for which AT&T is the exclusive provider — could be slowing down AT&T's otherwise high-quality network. Could the iPhone really be at fault for AT&T's widespread customer dissatisfaction?

A bum rap for Apple: The iPhone certainly has its shortcomings, says tech blogger John Gruber on Daring Fireball. But are they enough to "explain the horrendous service iPhone customers on AT&T are seeing?" Not likely. On other networks around the world, the iPhone works better than it does on AT&T's network here in the U.S.
"Why do you believe Randall Stross or your own lying eyes?"

Apple deserves a little bit of the blame: Deficiencies in AT&T's service are "mostly AT&T's fault," writes Dave Jeyes at Tech.Blorge. Apple "definitely" has a role — but, in the end, it's AT&T's responsibility to "iron out these kinds of issues before a phone launches." Remember, we're now on the "third version" of the iPhone.
"Apple and AT&T should share the blame for network issues"

Quite the opposite — AT&T is hurting Apple: The iPhone is actually the only thing AT&T has going for it, argues Robert Cringely on PC World. From the provider's recent plans to put "bandwidth caps" on their "unlimited" data plans to their "disastrous" attempts to counter Verizon's mocking ad campaigns, AT&T is apparently "doing everything it can to win the Worst Company Ever award." Frankly, it's becoming an embarrassment. It's time for Apple to end its "exclusive relationship" with AT&T.
"AT&T: On the decline?"