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Results: In the spirit of the holidays we asked you to recall or invent the worst gift or gadget EVER. You presented us with:
FIRST PRIZE: The Office Snuggie ™ in Pinstripes or Floral Prints
Linda Burman, Highlands Ranch, CO
SECOND PRIZE: The Godfather Part 3 on Betamax
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD
THIRD PRIZE: I (HEART) Goldman Sachs button
Stacey Dennick, Sebastopol, CA

“I’m Tiger Woods’ Soulmate” T-Shirt
Kathryn C. Howard, Blythewood, SC
Eye warmers!
Jeff Hutchins, Black Mountain, NC
Chia Socks
Mrs. Geral [cq] Smith, Palmyra, NY
Chia Pet Repair Kit
Tom Taber, Albion, NY
The Snuggie ™ for Tropical Fish.
Steven Guberman, Brooklyn
Stationery in hip colors your teen will love!
Courtney White, Boise
2010 AARP Swimsuit Calendar
Kristy Rimwood, Owings Mills, MD
Vintage Pet Rock
Tom Candelario, St. Louis
Gift Card Toward the Purchase of a Gift Card
Jennifer Wyant, South Bend, IN
Gift Card with Overlimit Fees and Late Charges
Gary Daniels, National City, CA
A FEMA Gift Card
Mike Dant, Green Valley, AZ
Remote Control Olive Unstuffer
Gus Szlosek, Davis, CA
Remote Control Toilet Flusher
Kathryn Shupp, Camp Hill, PA
Remote Control Holder Display Case to display all the remote control holders you’ve accrued over the last 10 years.
Ann Coursolle, Chalfont, PA
Swimming Trunks for the Cat
Leslie Johnson, Parkton, MD
Any of the gifts from “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” except the five golden rings.
Daniela Fahey, Manahawkin, NJ
Kwanzaa Creche with Minaret Menorah from InclusiveCo
Bill Muse, Seattle
Wristband Carbon Emissions Counter
Susan Jones, Peachtree City, GA
The Nobel Peace Prize
Mark Walker, Ocean City, NJ