Forbes has named comedian Will Ferrell Hollywood's most overpaid actor. For every dollar that Ferrell gets paid, his films bring in $3 at the box office. By contrast, movies starring Shia LeBeouf — who Forbes says gives producers their best bang for the buck — bring in $160 for every dollar going into the actor's pocket. Are Will Ferrell's A-list glory days behind him? (Watch a clip of Will Ferrell in "Anchorman")

Will Ferrell's antics are getting old: His ranking in the Forbes list is no surprise. "People are growing tired of his shtick," says Hot Momma Gossip. His "last big movies," including "Land of the Lost" and "Semi-Pro" have been "disappointments." It seems as though movie producers should avoid Ferrell for now — at least until he gets his mojo back. "Forbes best actor for the buck is Shia LeBeouf"

Forbes's list is ridiculous: Keep in mind that Ferrell's movies bring in more than three dollars at the box office for every dollar he's paid, says Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist. "Only in Hollywood could a more than triple return on your investment be considered a 'failure.'" This list is just an excuse for Forbes to drive some "web traffic" — it's not "a meaningful discussion of anything."
"Will Ferrell is overpaid (that depends on your definition)"

Ferrell needs to go back to what made him successful: After building his career and fan base on the "comedic genius" of films like Old School and Anchorman, Ferrell's been going downhill recently, says JSawyer at Accidental Sexiness. Some words of wisdom to the actor: "Stick to your roots" and don't bother with "films that have no potential."
"Ferrell reaches Forbes's elite"