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Results: After the prestigious Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership went to nobody this year because the awards committee couldn’t find anyone worthy, we asked you to come up with another prize that probably won’t be awarded to anyone in ’09. The (empty) envelope, please?

FIRST PRIZE: Real Estate Salesperson of the Year
Steve Smargon, Grass Lake, MI

SECOND PRIZE: Best Parenting in a Reality TV Show
Konstantine Diamond, Manhattan Beach, CA

THIRD PRIZE: Banker of the Decade
Lisa Zakai, Catonsville, MD


Best Town Hall Moderator
Dan C. Gallo, Arlington, VA

American Automotive Executive of the Year
Van Ingram, Goodlettsville, TN

The Lehman Brothers Award for Best New Hedge Fund Manager
Bob Thurn, Hunt, TX

The Securities and Exchange Commission Bernard Madoff Watchdog Award
Laura Allen La Porte, IN (and others, similar)

The Polonius Prize for Anyone Neither A Borrower or a Lender
Raymond Smith, Lynn, MA

The Tamarlane Prize for Excellence in Foreign Occupation of Afghanistan (vacant for 700 years)
Richard Gans, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Cleveland Browns MVP
Jeremy Howard, Germantown, MD

Best NFL Franchise in Detroit
Karen H. Safran, Commerce Township, MI

Washington Mutual Employee of the Year
Bill Muse, Seattle

Most Considerate Cell Phone User
Cathy Curtis, Finksburg, MD

Vaccine Producers’ Guild 2009 Estimator of the Year
Peter Stasiowski, Pittsfield, MA

Largest Subscription Gain by a Daily Newspaper
Jack Nordick, Ortonville, MN

Most Level-Headed Cable News Commentator
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD

FoxNews Fact Checker of the Year
Gerard Barry, San Jose, CA

John Hancock Prize Awarded to the member of Congress who signed his/her name to a bill that would actually improve the country.
David Levin, Suitland, MD

The Nobel Peace Prize
Donald Foster, Wareham, MA (and others)